Running the Family Farm

Fat Maddie's Family Goat - Maddie - In San Ramon, CA

The Farm

Set on the base of Mount Diablo, on Tassajara, is the Stephanos family farm. Our family includes our two goats, Maddie (our namesake) and her partner in crime, Charlie, a flock of chickens, a giant turkey, a couple horses and the family of deer that make their way down to our property every morning. We've also grown quite fond of our neighbor's pigs - They're extended family that gets well fed with food scraps from the restaurant.

A Typical Day

Early in the morning, we feed all of our animals, check our herb garden to see what's ready to be harvested and grab the fresh eggs from the coop that we'll need before heading off to the restaurant for the day. You'll see us on the floor making sure you're enjoying your meal, behind the counter, and generally, just doing what needs to be done to keep the restaurant running efficiently.

Our day doesn't end once we've left the restaurant. Once we get back to the farm, we toss some hay and put down some organic grain and oats. We make sure none of the flock has gone missing and march them back into their home. Sometimes we'll have to coax Maddie and Charlie down from the hood of a car with an apple before tucking everyone in for the night.

Our Organic Farm-Fresh Eggs

It really comes down to knowing our hens are well-kept and eat a healthy diet. The hens (Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica, to name a few) are pasture-raised and have free roam of our property during the day. They forage for fresh grass and insects and are supplemented with an organic crumble and any leftover fruits and vegetables from Fat Maddie's.

Put side-by-side with store-bought commercial eggs, you'll immediately notice the color difference between the two. Our eggs have a deep orange yolk compared to the bright yellow of the "factory" egg. That orange comes from our hens' natural diets, with nutrients concentrated in the yolk. Their shells are thicker, the whites are firmer and they hold their shape incredibly well. The result is delicious, creamy, nutritious eggs that we know come from our well loved, feathered family.

Fat Maddies Farm Fresh Eggs in San Ramon, CA
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